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    hip and Knee Surgeon in
    Memphis tn
  • Most experienced robotic
    hip and Knee Surgeon in
    Memphis tn

Robotic Makoplasty®

Dr. Dalal pioneered robotic Makoplasty® surgery of both the knee and hip in Memphis. With the assistance of St. Francis hospital, which was instrumental in bringing the Makoplasty® robot to the Tri-State area, he is excited to offer this cutting edge option to his patients. Enjoy less recovery time and a more natural feeling joint with Makoplasty® robotic surgery.

Tristate Orthopaedics offers this revolutionary technique for two different procedures. Click the buttons listed below to learn more about this up-to-date technique that not only protects the existing knee and hip joint but also offers more stability, precision, freedom, and less pain than the average replacement procedure. Book an appointment today to find out if you’re a candidate for either procedure and start enjoying more mobility sooner than you think.





Click here to learn more information about Makoplasty® robotic surgery.

  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  •  American Medical Association
  • TMA
  • American Board of Independent Medical Examiners